Weight- loss headset [Sci Tech]

British health-tech company Neurovalens has presented their Careable tech headset “Modius”, which helps the human body to lose weight by using electric stimulation and activating the brain’s hypothalamus.

CEO and co-founder neuroscientist Dr. Jason McKeown said the nerve stimulation is interpreted by the brain as a signal to reduce body weight, decreasing your appetite and enhancing your metabolism.

Also, a team of scientists have successfully grown animal embryos that contain human cells. The breakthrough from the Plabo Ross’s University of California,Davis lab in the United States,hosts sheep from previous host species of pigs. This is the second of its kind in a just over a year ,according to digital trends.

Plus, visitors to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week were the first to try out a demo of Ghostbusters World to be released this year.

Using a smartphone to ‘scan’ for ghosts, gamers hunt around waiting for ghouls to spring out. It’s then your job to catch the spirit in a trap.

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