Angola's Pres. Lourenco excites revelers at a beach in Luanda

Angolans were treated to a delightful surprise when their new president, Joao Lourenco decided to spend the new year holidays with his wife, at a beach in the capital, Luanda.

Clad in a grey t-shirt, grey shorts and donning a blue cap, the president was received warmly by the revelers at the beach in Mussulo.

The Angolan president and his wife taking time off during the holidays at Luanda beach. One can only hope that he continues to do this 0during his mandate…and that power and grid doesn’t change him.— Zenaida Machado (@zenaidamz) January 1, 2018

The simple beach stroll was seen as proof of the president’s humility and a demonstration that the new president is different from his predecessor, Eduardo Dos Santos, who was not known for mixing freely with the people he led.

Good for him and the country. Angolans deserve a new dawn.— Zenaida Machado (@zenaidamz) January 1, 2018

He is setting a very good example hopefully he continues like this through out his term and the economy starts to improve soon.— Mánuel Kiatoko (@manuel_kiatoko1) January 1, 2018

Let it be be genuine care for people, notably the downtrodden, the propertyless, the poor, the unemployed, the hopeless, the forgotten, that look upon him for hope, rather than calculated social work and photo opps for public consumption to win undeserved people’s favour.— David Matsinhe (@MatsinheDM) January 1, 2018

President Lourenco has been rumoured to stop at traffic lights and wait in line to be served at fast food joints. That coupled with his bold political steps in the months following his election in August have given many Angolans hope that a new dawn may indeed be upon the oil rich Southern African country.

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