The science of who you surround yourself with [Sci Tech]

Did you know that just being next to certain people actually aligns your brain with them based on their mannerisms, the smell of the room, the noise level, and many other factors?

This means that the people you hang out with actually have an impact on your engagement with reality beyond what you can explain. And one of the effects is you become alike.”

Also,the next crew of the International Space Station conducted final qualification training this week at the Gagarin Training Center in Star City, Russia.

And,the latest robot report has bad news for laborers and office support staff, but good news for techies and healthcare workers. Countries that have less money to invest in automation will not be affected as much, according to the report by McKinsey Global Institute.

Ignatius Annor brings you the details of these stories in this week’s edition of Sci Tech.
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