Opening African borders [Travel]

It has been over a year since the launch of an African passport in Rwanda which illustrated the growing demand among many African states for the African Union to facilitate the free movement of people throughout the continent.

Over the last year a number of AU member states have removed visa requirement for African nationals.

The state of the free movement of people in Africa differs from one region to another. Of these, West Africa is the most advanced.

Nevertheless, things are now changing in Central Africa. A week ago the government of Equatorial Guinea announced it is ending the entry visa requirement for citizens of the six member countries of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEMAC).

The Republic of Congo also announced a lifting of visa requirements for citizens of the Central African bloc.

Meanwhile, Namibia has gotten the ball rolling on plans to scrap visa requirements for African passport holders.

Elayne Wangalwa delves on this in the Travel segment.
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