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Museveni accuses UN, DRC of harbouring ADF rebels

Museveni accuses UN, DRC of harbouring ADF rebels


<p>Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has accused the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Nations of harbouring the Uganda Allied Democratic Forces (<span class="caps">ADF</span>) rebels, and threatened to “come up with a solution for them.”</p> <p>Museveni blamed the increasing cases of kidnaps, assassinations, and murder of especially women in the Central part of Uganda, on this the rebel /terrorist group.</p> <p>“The terrorists of <span class="caps">ADF</span> are still in Congo, preserved there by the United Nations, and the Congo Government,” said Museveni while delivering the State of the Nation Address.</p> <p>The UN, through its Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (<span class="caps">UNMISSON</span>) has been engaged in constant battles with remnants of the rebel group, which was flashed out the country over a decade ago.</p> <p>Over 18000 UN peace keeping troops are currently deployed in the <span class="caps">DRC</span>, under <span class="caps">MUNUSCO</span>, at a cost, according to reports of about $8.7Billion so far.</p> <p>The tough talking Museveni said <span class="caps">ADF</span> are thriving in the <span class="caps">DRC</span> because they are being kept there by the UN and the Congo Government.”</p> <p>“If however they were to re-enter Uganda, they would be promptly and decisively defeated,” he said, adding that Uganda is nonetheless looking for solution to the rebel group.</p> <p>“The <span class="caps">ADF</span> in Congo will answer for the killings of our people. Even when they are hiding in Congo, their only safety is for them to surrender and seek amnesty. They feel they are safe and the UN is keeping them there, and the <span class="caps">DRC</span> government, but we shall get a solution for them.”</p> <p>Late last year, Ugandan forces the <span class="caps">UPDF</span>, raided the <span class="caps">DRC</span> and reportedly killed over 100 <span class="caps">ADF</span> combatants in eight camps, in airstrikes.</p> <p>Museveni said in his address, that Uganda managed to defeat the <span class="caps">ADF</span>, Joseph Kony’s <span class="caps">LRA</span> and other rebel groups by 2007.</p> <h3>Recent killings in Uganda</h3> <p>He noted however that the remnants of the <span class="caps">ADF</span> are still wreaking havoc in Uganda, especially in urban areas, talking advantage of the lack of intelligence infrastructure there.</p> <p>He said the <span class="caps">ADF</span> were responsible for the murder of 7 Muslim Sheiks, as well as Major Muhammad Kiggundu, <span class="caps">AIGP</span> Felix Kaweesi, Prosecutor Joan Kagezi and most recently Susan Magara.</p> <p>The president noted however, that the recent spate of murders of women in the areas of Masaka and Entebbe, as well as kidnaps of women and young children, are being orchestrated by local criminals.</p> <p>He cited one Muhammad Kiddawalime, who was arrested in the so called Bijambiya attacks in Masaka.</p> <p>Kiddawalime and one Musa Galiwango, in January escaped custody during a court session, before the former was killed later in April by residents and police during a robbery.</p> <h3>Heroes recognised</h3> <p>Museveni commended the police officer, Cadet <span class="caps">ASP</span> Stephen Twinomigisha , who he said wrestled down the suspect and disabled him.</p> <p>“With immediate effect I promote him to the next rank,” he said to a cheering audience.</p> <p>Museveni later after the address decorated Kiddalime’s would-be victim, one Nakyambadde, who alerted neighbours as the assailant broke into her house.</p> <p>“When the obnoxious Kiddawailme was about to start robbing and raping her, she telephoned neighbours and threw the phone out of the window. When he entered, he didn’t know that she had already alerted people,” he said.</p> <p>“Some of these criminals are just village thugs, but because there is no mobilization, they become like a big problem.”</p> <h3>Reassuring nation</h3> <p>Museveni reassured that his government is currently gathering intelligence capacity in towns and on highways to overcome the urban based terrorism, noting, “We are about to round off the building of that capacity.”</p> <p>The President said, securing towns is still problematic, being too populous, with many buildings and cars.</p> <p>Some of his advisors, he said, had suggested resuming of roadblocks, but he opposed this method.</p> <p>“I said no because these will inconvenience people who have nothing to do with the problem.”</p>

The terrorists of ADF are still in Congo, preserved there by the United Nations, and the Congo Government.

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