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Ghana wins three-year maritime boundary dispute case against Ivory Coast

Ghana wins three-year maritime boundary dispute case against Ivory Coast


<h3>The International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (<span class="caps">ITLOS</span>) on Saturday unanimously ruled that Ghana did not violate the rights of the Ivory Coast in oil exploration within and beyond 200 nm (nautical miles).</h3> <p>The Hamburg-based court also ruled that Ghana is not entitled to pay any reparation to Ivory Coast for the exploration of oil within the disputed boundaries in the Atlantic Ocean.</p> <p>The dispute started since Ghana’s discovery of oil in 2007 which Ivory Coast laid claims to. Series of failed negotiations led Ghana to file a case at the <span class="caps">ITLOS</span> in 2014 to rule on the delimitation of the maritime boundary between the two countries.</p> <p>A special chamber was formed in 2015 presided over by <span class="caps">ITLOS</span> Vice-President Boualem Bouguetaia and included another member of the Tribunal with two ad hoc judges to deal with the dispute. </p> <p>The court redefined the boundary in its ruling which said the single maritime boundary beyond 200 nm should start at BP 55+ “with the coordinates 05° 05’ 23.2” N, 03° 06’ 21.2’’ W in <span class="caps">WGS</span> 84 as a geodetic datum”.</p> <p>“The boundary continues as a geodetic line starting at an azimuth of 191° 38’ 06.7’’ until it reaches the outer limits of the continental shelf,” it added.</p> <p>This reduces just a little of Ghana’s boundary claim of geographic coordinates 05° 05’ 28.4” N and 03° 06’ 21.8” W. It also goes against the Ivory Coast’s claim that the single maritime boundary follows the 168.7o azimuth line. </p> <p>The court rejected Ghana’s claim to bar Ivory Coast from objecting to the “customary equidistance boundary”.</p> <p>The ruling means Ghana can keep its oil concessions and develop the Tweneboa, Enyira and Ntome (<span class="caps">TEN</span>) oil fields in the area with hopes of boosting production.</p>
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