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[Photos] Burundi president goes cycling with armed convoy

[Photos] Burundi president goes cycling with armed convoy


<p>Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza is the fit and sporty type. He severally engages in activities that the average African leader will not.</p> <p>He has been shown to visit the farm, at other times joined in work towards building infrastructure and partaking in keep fit activities.</p> <p>Recent photos shared by a Burundian news portal showed the 53-year-old leader riding a bicycle along a suburb. Dressed in appropriate cycling gear, he seemed to be having a good time as he let go of the steer at a point to wave at people.</p> <p>Curiously, even as he rode and a large number of people gathered at a distance watching him, there was a fully armed presidential convoy around. </p> <p>From gun wielding soldiers running on the sides of the road to luxurious vehicles ahead and behind the president. Another pickup vehicle carried soldiers as part of the convoy.</p> <p><img src="https://static.euronews.com/articles/38/94/389425/1024x576_bonus-Nkuru3.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p><img src="https://static.euronews.com/articles/38/94/389425/1024x576_bonus-Nkuru4.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p><img src="https://static.euronews.com/articles/38/94/389425/1024x576_bonus-Nkuru1.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p>Burundian nationals have been fleeing political tensions in their country following sporadic gun battles and grenade attacks. </p> <p>The country continues to experience serious political crisis which started since April 2015 when President Pierre Nkurunziza presented himself as a candidate for a third controversial mandate. He was subsequently re-elected in July of the same year. Plans are afoot to tinker with the constitution to allow him stay in power.</p> <p>The violence has already claimed 500 to 2,000 lives, according to the United Nations and other Non-Governmental Organizations. Hundreds of cases of enforced disappearances and torture have forced more than 400,000 Burundians into exile.</p>
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