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No 'stress' wearing burkinis on Moroccan beaches

No 'stress' wearing burkinis on Moroccan beaches


No scandal as Moroccans are increasingly using the burkini on the beaches of Rabat after it was introduced in the country by Moroccans living abroad.

The burkini sold for about 58 dollars is worn by women who do not wish to reveal parts of their body as they take a dip in the sea.

“The phenomenon of the burkini exists on the beaches of Rabat. It is possible to find people who have veiled. I support the burkini because that is a respectable garment which allows women to swim freely without exposing their bodies. This means they can swim among people without any problem, “ a male Rabat resident said.

“Moroccan women are wearing the burkini, but the phenomenon is advancing slowly. I think the burkini will find its place here some day,” another added.

The burkini swim suit worn mostly be Muslim women was banned at some beaches in France following deadly jihadists attacks.

Authorities had linked the dress to a symbol of Islamic extremism.

The move was met with widespread criticism from people who said women had the right to choose what they wanted to wear.

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