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Final results - South Africa's 2016 local polls, anti-rape activists mar Zuma's speech

Final results - South Africa's 2016 local polls, anti-rape activists mar Zuma's speech

South Africa

In our continued coverage of South Africa’s August 3 local elections, we round up our coverage today as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) gets ready to declare final results of the polls.

The ruling Africa National Congress (ANC) maintain their unassailable national lead but continue to count their losses whiles the leading opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) and the three-year-old, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) continue to celebrate in roads into ANC territory.

Political watchers say the polls are the biggest blow yet to the ANC’s wider popularity two decades after the end of apartheid.

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Thursday August 4: South Africa local election results – 80% complete

Friday August 5: [LIVE] Day 2 – South Africa’s local election results – 97% complete

With 100% of results transmitted, the official breakdown from the IEC is follows:

  • Africa National Congress (ANC)
    Councils won = 175
    Seats = 5,124
    Votes = over 16 million (53.91% support)
  • Democratic Alliance (DA)
    Councils won = 23
    Seats = 1,729
    Votes = over 8 million (26.89% support)
  • Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)
    Councils won = 0
    Seats = 731
    Votes = over 2.4 million (8.2% support)

IEC wraps up the local elections with high marks


22612 Voting Districts completed
4392 Wards completed
213 Municipalities completed
8646 Seats allocated

Zuma’s speech “marred” by “anti-rape” activists

Four young women holding anti-rape slogans stood up at the same time that the president stood to address the IEC’s official declaration of results.

Zuma ignored the protest and proceeded to deliver his speech congratulating the citizenry and the IEC for their efforts.

His security guards stood nearby, apparently surprised by the protesters dressed in black and holding up placards displaying the words “Remember Khwezi” and “10 years later”.

“Khwezi” is the assumed name of an female HIV activist who, in one of the most sensational cases in South Africa, accused Zuma of rape in 2006 before he became president.

He was acquitted of the charges, keeping alive the political hopes of a man who went on to become president in 2009.

IEC apologizes to Zuma, activists forcibly ejected from venue

Mosotho Moepya, Chief Electoral Officer of IEC speaks on successes

  • IEC wanted to register 1 million new voters for Local Government Elections (LGE) 2016. “We registered 1.3m new voters and a record 26.3m in total,” he said.
  • We wanted to make it easier for voters to apply for special votes. Record 740 000 voters applied most by internet/SMS
  • We wanted to exceed voter turnout of 2011 municipal election which was 57.6%. We achieved a voter turnout of 58%.

Zuma’s message:

Head of IEC Glen Mashinini speaks

  • There were 9301 seats up for grabs. ANC won 5080. DA 1723. EFF 731.
  • There were 9301 seats up for grabs. ANC won 5080. DA 1723. EFF 731.
  • Breakdown: 9301 council seats in #LGE2016 ANC won 5080 seats (48.3%), DA 1723 seats (13.8%), EFF 731 seats (6.9%), IFP 427 seats(4.2%)
  • Municipal elections in SA are a combination of ward and proportional representation (PR) voting systems.
  • Confirms that ity of Johannesburg results are still being finalized – IEC anticipates getting it within the next few hours.
  • 213 municipalities contested: ANC won 161. DA won 19 and IFP won 6
  • “In 26 councils, no party won an outright majority.
  • Preliminary Johannesburg results after 99% counted. ANC 43.38%. DA 39.66 EFF 10.96. IFP 1.77%

Results of Johannesburg would not be included because they are still being finalized

A top journalist in South Africa has reported that results from Johannesburg are still being finalized and would not be part of the IEC’s tally.

Johannesburg is the last of the three “hot” areas that the ANC and DA were battling for. The ANC look more likely to win it. The DA would not worry much because they took Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane from the ANC.

  • The 2016 poll is the most competitive local elections since 1994 – IEC boss
  • IEC CEO Moepya says 96% of voters believed election to be free and fair.
  • 96% general satisfaction with staff conduct during the polls.

IEC results declaration underway, Zuma, Ramaphosa, Chief Justice all present

On the lighter side, Maimane celebrates 11 years “married to the same gal”

Mrs Maimane tweets back at Mmusi

Financial Times refer to DA leader, Mmaimane as ‘Obama’

The Financial Times in an article referred to the leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane as the ‘Barack Obama’ of South African politics, citing his slick style and oratory skills. They aver that if Zuma was the biggest loser in the polls, Maimane was the winner.

The 36-year-old Soweto-born head of the largest opposition has been discredited often by the ANC as being “a lay preacher and stooge” fronting for whites.

Read more here

DA embark on ‘Thank You’ tour in Nelson Mandela Bay

The DA leader and the party’s official twitter handles have been tweeting about their thank you rally in Nelson Mandela Bay, the first ANC stronghold thy annexed in the 2016 polls.

Analysis: The DA’s growth in Tshwane (2006 – 2016)

The DA has steadily grown in local elections to become the leading party in Tshwane 2016, that looked unthinkable during the last two polls in 2006 and 2011.

The reverse is true as the ANC’s numbers continue to dip between the same period. 10 years ago ANC had over 57% 10 years ago in Tshwane, they lost about 1% in 2011 but slumped to 43% in 2016, loss of about 16% loss.

2006 = 30.70% = 132,528
2011 = 38.74% = 280,288
2016 = 43.10% = 381,022

2006 = 57.32% = 247,470
2011 = 56.46% = 408,413
2016 = 41.48% = 366,732

2016 = 11.64% = 102,895

Preparations underway for results declaration – State media

ANC more likely to retain Johannesburg with 90.97% of stations counted

DA celebrates ‘officially’ beating ANC in Tshwane, home to capital Pretoria

Tshwane was one of the three key battle grounds. The DA has added Tshwane to Nelson Mandela Bay earlier on Friday. It seems Johannesburg is the only key grounds that the ANC retained.

Tshwane results are as follows:

DA: 43.10%
ANC: 41.48%

With the failure to get an outright majority, DA would have to enter a coalition to form a government for the municipality.

Malema warns that premature declaration of ‘victory’

The leader of the EFF directed calls for measured and tactical celebrations as parties wait for final results declaration from the IEC.

Results of EFF’s Twitter poll after over 17,000 votes

If the EFF were to enter a coalition, Twitter votes would rather that they go along with the DA (62%).

Those asking for them to abstain were 23% as against 15% asking that they go with the ANC.

But EFF sees three options as captured in their tweet below:

President Zuma to attend IEC’s final results declaration

The government has announced that President Zuma and leader of the ruling ANC would be present at the Results Operation Center for the final results presentation.

IEC to announce final results 6pm (GMT+2)

The IEC discloses that full official results of the 2016 Local Government Elections would be announced from the National Results Operations Centre in Tshwane at 6pm, three days after the polls.

[Video] DA leader says Aouth Africans chose best way to change government

Points from Mmusi Maimane’s Saturday morning press conference:

  • The campaign for the 2019 elections starts NOW!
  • South Africans have taken charge of their destiny! The ANC is down from 64% in 2006 to 54% in 2016. We are up from 16% to 27%.
  • On mergers and coalitions: “We will only work with those who have South Africans best interests at heart.”
  • DA would look at using a coalition to govern third and final key battle ground, Johannesburg
  • The myth about DA being a white party have been destroyed
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