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ShoOwer: Cameroon's GPS backed shopping tool

ShoOwer: Cameroon's GPS backed shopping tool


Google Maps may not always come in handy, and that’s why Samuel Bamal, a Cameroonian developer has created ShoOwer.

This is basically a shopping tool integrated with geo navigation features. It helps users weave their way around streets and roads in Cameroon to find whatever products they are looking for, at the most convenient locations.

“Our startup has built this mobile application that provides services for geo marketing companies, so for the average user, it allows him to easily find a location, this allows them to find out where they are. And it’s a godsend app for business since it allow them know where their services are needed, whenever necessary,” says Samuel.

It's a godsend app for business since it allows them know where their services are needed, whenever necessary.

This startup that has its offices in Akwa, a district of Cameroon’s economic capital of Douala, now boasts some 2,500 users of the app. There are also over 300 companies and businesses already signed up to the service.

Samuel continues: “When a ShoOwer user is going around your store, you are automatically alerted on your mobile with respect to what this company offers. So you do not have to touch anything, you don’t even have to press any button. Even if the phone is in your pocket, when you are around the store and this store has a message for customers, or promotions and offers, you will be alerted to your phone.”

According to Bamal, ShoOwer’s main objective is to help customers save time and energy that is otherwise wasted walking around from store to store.

Gabriel owns a small computer company and is signed up to ShoOwer, which he uses to advertise his products. With USD 17 per month, any ShoOwer user near his store will not miss his services, as they will receive alerts and information about his merchandise.”

“With the ShoOwer application, I am actually able to deliver my ads to the right target audience and individuals within a 10-metre radius from my store. The app also allows me to sell directly to people via smartphones and those interested can buy instantly,” Gabriel says.

Cameroon is buzzing with a generation of young innovators, who have been setting up startups and living off technology and apps development.

“Today Africa is going digital. Times have changed, its not like before when Africa was barely connected to the rest of the world. But today, youthful innovators here in Cameroon are equally informed as their counterparts in the US, China and Japan. Therefore, these applications enable our young people to acquire the same level of knowledge and information just like the rest around the world,”says William Elong, a Software Engineer.

But for Samuel Bamal, his innovation knack is far from being done as he continues his quest for funding to grow his business.

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