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Uganda Election: Museveni, opposition go at each other

Uganda Election: Museveni, opposition go at each other


There is mounting tension in Uganda two days ahead of key presidential elections.

An opposition leader was arrested on Tuesday as campaigning wrapped while several other run-ins have been recorded.

Even though the government has denied it, local press and the opposition have spoken about the subtle attacks calling it a suppression of freedom of expression.

“The pressure depending on where it is coming from, clearly of course from the sitting president who is the NRM candidate would be based on how much you can say about their candidate, if you are looking back at his record.

“We have a lot of stories that we could have said, that we have not, stories that we could have covered that we have not covered or questions that we could have asked that we have not asked because we are a little careful about the shrinking space in this elections, but not in the previous elections. But generally, you could say we have tried to remain fair and balanced as we could,” Head of News, NTV Uganda, Maurice Mugisha said.

A leading challenger to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said he has no confidence that elections this week will be free and fair.

“To those who think that the enthusiasm of the people of Uganda can change or be dampened by unleashing the type of violence that we saw, I’d like to say that it’s too late, your time is really up. The people of Uganda have made up their minds. And as they have showed you and the rest of the world, they want change,” Besigye said.

For the first time in 30 years, President Museveni participated in a debate with six other competitors in a televised show on Saturday.

Museveni has rejected claims of attempted rigging.

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