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Ted defeats Trump at Iowa Caucus

Ted defeats Trump at Iowa Caucus


Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz beat rival Donald trump and Marco Rubio to win the Iowa caucus. Ted lead with 28 per cent, Trump 24 per cent and Rubio 23 percent of the votes cast.

“Tonight is a victory for the grassroots. Tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across Iowa and all across this great nation. Tonight the state of Iowa has spoken. Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee and the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media, will not be chosen by the Washington establishment, will not be chosen by the lobbyists, but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force where all sovereignty resides in our nation – by ‘we the people’ the American people”, Cruz said.

Forth runner Donald Trump despite leading in the polls, said he was honoured to be in the second place. Trump congratulated his rival Ted.

Tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across Iowa and all across this great nation.

“ I was told by everybody, ‘do not go to Iowa, you could never finish even in the top ten’. And I said, ‘but I have friends in Iowa, I know a lot of people in Iowa, I think they’ll really like me. Let’s give it a shot’. They said ‘don’t do it’. I said ‘I have to do it’. And we finished second. And I want to tell you something, I’m just honored, I’m really honored”, Trump said.

Democrats caucus

Hilary Clinton won a narrow victory. With 99 percent of the precincts reported Hillary Clinton led with 50.22 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 50.21 percent on the democrats side.

“I stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief — thank you Iowa — I want you to know, I will keep doing what I’ve done my entire life. I will keep standing up for you. I will keep fighting for you. I will always work to achieve the America that I believe in, where the promise of that dream that we hold out to our children and our grandchildren never fades, but inspires generations to come”, Clinton said

Bernie Sanders said the supporters have begun a “political revolution” with the outcome of the Iowa caucus.

“The powers that be – wall street with their endless supply of money, corporate America, the large campaign donors, are so powerful that no president can do what has to be done alone. And that is why, and that is why, what Iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution”, Sanders

New Hampshire is next to vote after Iowa.

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