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Rwanda referendum push kicks off

Rwanda referendum push kicks off

Rwanda is currently holding a referendum to amend the current constitution.
Rwandese in the diaspora cast in their votes on Thursday before the rest of the population in the tiny East African country go to the polls on Friday .
The referendum date was set by the country’s election body following a petition signed by more than half of Rwandese voters calling for a change in the constitution.
This decision was later ratified by the country’s senate who voted unanimously for a constitutional amendment that will allow the 58 year old president to seek yet another term and possibly be in power till 2034.

Kagame’s rule

Nevertheless, Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has still not made his intentions clear whether he will seek yet another term in office once his current mandate expires in 2017.
Earlier in the month, Kagame said he will make a decision after the results of the referendum are laid out.
If the East African country changes the constitution, Kagame will be eligible to run for another seven year term and two consecutive five-year-terms.

Democracy in Africa

Kagame has ruled the regions fastest growing economy indirectly for over 20 years since the end of the infamous genocide.
The leader, purported to rule his country with an iron fist was first officially elected by government ministers and the national assembly in 2003 and later by the citizens in 2010.
Under the current constitution, Kagame is meant to vacate the presidency in 2017.
Even as Rwanda’s fate is still unknown several African nations are also in the same predicament. Burundi
In Burundi, President Pierre Nkurunziza decided to run for a third term in office despite already exceeding the two terms according to the country’s constitution.
This in turn has resulted in several months of protests and which has left over 400 people dead.
The United nations and other international bodies have said that the country is on the brink of yet another civil war. Democratic Republic of Congo
In neighbouring, Democratic Republic of Congo, President Joseph Kabila has been accused by the opposition of plotting to extend his regime. Republic of Congo
In Republic of Congo, the government recently voted for a referendum to allow scrap of term limits.